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Does Your Business Needs Skilled Commercial Electrical Services ?

If you need commercial electrical services that you can depend on , elefix commercial services be the perfect solution , commercial services project requires greater expertise than basic electrical services . In addition to the quality of electrical work with standardized services .

Elefix commercial services offers

  • The latest information , tools and technology to ensure electrical safety .
  • We know about your business and industry needs from retail to restaurants , institutional and industrial facilities .
  • Preventing safety procedures to perform work
  • To protect your business by obtaining the proper permits , approvals and required licenses for your area and industry .
  • Detail discussion and quotes for pricing fee and other overtime charges , so you can decide the best possible action .

Contact us for the following Commercial Electrical Services .

  • Indoor & outdoor lighting.
    Custom lighting can generate the perfect setting for appearance . From ambiance to convenience and energy savings , we offer commercial lighting solution .
  • Parking lot light installation
    From simple light installation to complete renovation with focus on energy efficiency . Elefix will help you achieve your perfect setup for parking lot light design .
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Our preventive maintenance service is a regular time based inspection feature which helps commercial activities to run smoother without breakdown .
  • Repair , Replace or Update Electrical Panels .
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