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We can help with your electrical safety

In Odisha every year around hundred people are killed at home due to electricity involving accidents. Many of these accidents could have been averted by the installation of an electrical safety switch.

Electrical Safety Regulations

Electrical safety in your home and workplace needs to be taken extremely seriously. Our technicians, electricians received regular training to ensure they are up to date with Odisha electricity act 2003 & Odisha safety regulations 2010.

  • Residential and commercial safety Inspection
  • Earthing installation & inspection
  • Surge diverter installation
  • RCD/ELCB installation
  • Preventive maintaince
The most important reason is safety. Without regular thorough electrical inspection, the first sign that there is something wrong is when there is a major problem, like a fire on an electrical accident.
  • We will save your time
  • We will save your money
  • We can come, fix and leave quickly
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